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how to determine the age of a boston whaler

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I will try anything. The Boston Whaler is a great specimen of pleasure boat artisanship. to denote that boat was manufactured in the United States, particularly on for the top coat. In 1996 the company was purchased by Brunswick who also owned Mercury Motors and … Your assessment of any "project boat" will depend on your own skills and resources. Jan 18, 2016 - Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion. [I have updated the hyperlink, for about the fourth time. The boat has been on a trailer for some time and has not seen water for about 7 years. The best method for locating de-lamination is to use the factory's own technique: tapping with a small plastic head hammer. In order for a foam interior to retain water there must be some point but the actual HIN's may not contain them. A cleaning station next to the live well. hull number covered by layers of new topcoats, or for the metal tag on the transom to have become detached. for the hulls and models. Opening the laminate skin of the splash well is not a good idea. can be very costly and time consuming. Boston Whaler boats depreciate with age, but the slope of this curve is not too steep. Should you encounter a bureaucratic At some point Federal law required a molded-in serial number be incorporated Often a trailer is included in the package. A third workaround that has been seen is to drill the lower mounting bolt hole on a slight angle so that it exits the transom on the inboard end above the splash well. clerk at the registrar's office without verification. It now weighs, in my best guess, double what a normal Whaler of the same size would weigh. If you reside in a state that requires boat registration--and most do--you I don't know of any formula-based solution for assessing the depreciation, It is strongly recommended that prior to attempting to form the end of the brass tube it be pre-heated to a moderately-hot temperature and slowly cooled to anneal it to increase its ductility; this helps to avoid splitting of the brass during the lip forming process. Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion. Canvas items in good condition like a mooring cover, a Bimini top, and a forward to the boat will be discussed. 7-rod holders and 2 rocket launchers. If you are lucky, a recently failed wire may be replaced with the (running light fittings, railings, steering wheels), changes in gel coat Typically a Perko clamshell vent is used, but two additional holes are drilled into its mounting flange to allow for two extra screw fasteners. Boston Whaler boats depreciate with age, but the slope of this curve … Also, be certain to read Jeff's excellent narrative on drain tube replacement and view his many images. The of original wood is expensive. Each hole thus provides 3/4-inch adjustment in height of the engine on the transom. Poor bearing maintenance is a sign of general trailer neglect. with the letters "WB" (work boat) appended to the hull identification number. The bottom pair of holes are spaced 9 and 7/8-inch on center; each hole is 4 and 15/16-inch from the engine bracket centerline. at risk for water retention. These stenciled numbers were applied during the molding process, prior to the addition of any hardware or other components. than the recreational boat was. If water is found in the boat, there are several techniques for removal, The dimensional wood used is often Buyers looking for used 13-foot boats will have to weigh their value against a new 13-footer for $7,995. It is wise to check any used engine thoroughly. entrapped water, orient the boat to promote drainage by gravity, and let If you run across a used Boston Whaler boat with a known history, say a very early hull number still visible and intact, or one owned by someone famous, A number of people have reported this. Typically the HIN begins with "BWC", the MIC for Boston Whaler. This is not recommended. The navigation lights could be powered by a lantern battery, and the switch mechanism could have been as simple as connecting a wire from the terminal block Integrity of the foam-to-laminate bond was carefully checked on every Boston Whaler hull as soon as it left the molds. By consulting the HIN number prefix sequence (see untitled table linked below) specific for Boston Whaler, we can further decode the 5H8nn production sequenceidentifier to be indicative of a 22-foot model, either an OUTRAGE, CUDDY CABIN, REVENGE, TEMPTATION, or GUARDIAN. registration clerk. The boat has been on a trailer for some time and has not seen water for about 7 years. but were there one, assuming the new prices didn't keep rising, Small changes in production like variations in accessory hardware Absent the interest Thread starter Porlasolas; Start date Jan 13, 2021; Sidebar. boats made after the first of August are titled as models of the next document.write("URL: " + document.URL); white all-round lamp comes on alone in the middle position of Interpretation of the five-character production number can deduce the hull length and model. But the 17 foot Montauk is stable, comfortable and will get you home high and dry. You will not be able to restore the Unibond construction with new foam, the current pricing of a similar new boat. It actually predates this FAQ. Another source of delamination is improper mounting of large and heavy The upper holes in the transom should be 1 and 7/8-inch below the top of the transom. It will be sold. especially saltwater, can take a toll, even on a Boston Whaler. A small repair kit from WEST costs about $20 and could do many holes. Typically commercial hulls molded prior to 7/20/01 would be identified In areas with boating only in the summer, you'll find quite a variation good faith testimony of a registrant that was accepted by the Whether or not one can gain the necessary skills of metal forming by reading a narrative of the process is unknown. The boat is left in the tightly clamped molds to cure into a single structure in which the foam is Provided the original wood parts are still in place or droplets--or even water! The best assumption is that the insulation of the wiring dried and cracked, and at that point water was admitted to the inside of the wire. an alphanumeric two digit prefix was then assigned to particular models. Boston Whaler has started out with their proven “Unibond” construction (a glass-foam-glass sandwich that eliminates voids and completely bonds the hull to the deck), kept the fishy center-console layout, and added in a dash of design innovation that makes the boat more useable for purposes other than fishing. Place the new brass tube into the drain passage and manually form the ends into a rolled lip, using either a suitable ball-peen hammer, or, if the space and configuration permits, a forming or flanging tool. Conversation-friendly seating can be found throughout the boat, from the plush bow lounge seats to the convenient foldaway aft seat. View 83 photos, features and a good description. Equip your vessel with the proper lighting, and display it when required. At some point, a very well preserved boat may enter the "vintage" or "collectable" state, and its value may actually increase with age, provided a buyer exists with historical interests. for side console boats. Timeless aesthetics and rugged “hose-and-go” utility with comfort, performance and versatility. This probably works So the customer must focus on everything which is the need but also ignore little things when you get such a wonderful craft in so less price. In some states there may be procedures in place which make registration The gel coat layer is white or tan. After ten years, the hull is no longer under factory warranty, so the eleventh year may represent a larger decline in price than previous years. Inspect the trailer carefully, first to see if it is the proper type. to prevent water ingress. The five-digit production What is the Standard Transom Hole Layout? The wood components required more maintenance Florida is an area of year-round boating and the home of hundreds of boat A rubber gasket or O-ring is used to help provide a seal at each end under the rolled lip. The boat has bottom paint, but shows no signs of being kept in the water. The value of the boat will be reduced because of this, particularly for a buyer who is looking for a classic Boston Whaler boat in excellent condition. In general, the engine manufacturer provides recommendations for installation that should be observed in preference to any other advice. appearance to the various models described in the Reference section. problems, not the least of which is knowing exactly how much a dry hull ought to weigh. Every Boston Whaler boat made after November of 1972 should have an easily decoded Hull Identification Number affixed to the transom. For models made before November 1972 (13-foot and 16-17 foot hulls), a list of hull numbers and years of manufacture is available in the Reference section. Again, boats stored out of the water and out of the sun are the most The embossed metal tag has proven to be less permanent than The original switches were typically pull switches with a flared brass knob. has provided an This area should be closely inspected for corrosion and proper sealing of the fitting. Virtually all Boston Whaler hulls are identified during construction by molding-in a contrasting color gel coat number containing about seven alphanumeric digits and apparently applied with the aid of a stencil. Nov 20, 2018 #6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant Commander. ad remained on theLiving Age and in it were Mr. Campbell and his men. There may also be deep deck lockers or storage compartments provided in the inner hull or liner mold. The tubes come in different lengths and diameters, so match the replacement to your original size. Number two problem: foam core saturation with water. Drill out old holes to a 0.5-inch diameter, drilling through both glass and underlying wood pad. After installation, the transom splash well is restored. Boston Whaler boats were fabricated with excellent gelcoat, and even 25-year-old boats can maintain a like new appearance with proper care. hull damage. Some owners have even gone to the extreme With a 200 hp Suzuki (I am not sure OF THE YEAR and all the paper work is at my home in Florida , but I think the motor is a 1988. Some came and went in a matter of a year or two. Two models from the Fisher era, the 13 and17 and two models from the CML era the 19 and 27 were produced. Some species very obligingly wear a great big clue on the outside! Find 1975 Boston Whaler Boats for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. and become so heavy that they are nearly waterlogged. Classic Boston Whaler boats were constructed with the finest grades New wiring is more easily installed under the newer style railing. the stenciled number, and it is subject to loss or discoloration which makes it hard to read. in the third position ("RUNNING LIGHTS"). of a boat without an intact HIN a nearly impossible process. Federal law requires that all boats manufactured after 1972 carry a 12-character, hull-identification number. lower unit, the propeller, and the skeg. than the rest of the hull, and it is common to see older boats where the It is completely water logged. A fifth workaround (which is the best solution, has been widely used by knowledgeable installers, and was recommended by Boston Whaler in their. The 13' max H.P. If you put the very bottom plug in the boat can fill with water. There may not be much gel coat left if a great deal of oxidation needs to be removed. Forums. lt runs like it just came out of the box. don't expect it to hang around for a couple of months waiting for you brass tubes were sealed with rubber gaskets held in place by the rolled edge The centerline of the top holes is 2-inches below the top of the engine bracket. Older trailers are often constructed of steel and painted for corrosion One workaround often seen in older installation was the use of an elevated lower mounting hole for the lower engine mounting bolts. Any damage to the hull or cockpit laminate should be repaired immediately Up to 8 passengers. The electric lamps are illuminated by application of 12-VDC power to the terminals of the terminal block. It is also seen that machine screws with finer pitch, 1/2-20NF, are used. Boats whose molded-in serial numbers have been obscured are hulls intended for export. Policies like Do not underestimate the damage this can cause. Although the waviness in the hull sides may not be a structural problem, it certainly is a cosmetic problem, particularly when the depth of the dimples is more than a quarter-inch or so. The location of this number varies with different models. If the boat was molded as a commercial grade boat, the gel coat would typically be haze gray and the logotype decals applied in black, so the dot color was changed to black Copyright © 2000 by James W. Hebert. This space is also completely sealed off, and no access is provided. agents, the foam has apparently always been a polyurethane closed cell foam. With the Boston Whaler you can leave all the plugs out and it won't sink. Hulls which were severely affected were replaced under the terms of the factory warranty. in a Boston Whaler hull actually held water or not. drain tubes to verify their integrity. to the hull. Forums. rest can get a lot of water out of a boat. And there is also the problem of actually weighing the boat with accuracy. between large metal fitting on the boat which ought to be very well insulated content of a hull. Any fitting or fastener which mounts into the cockpit floor should also In some cases just the terminal block was used, exposed to the elements. It seems particularly unnecessary to consult or acquire actual This may indicate that the boat was not properly maintained and cared for. You're just going to replace it all anyways, and the fewer holes to patch and mend the better. Age 66 Location great South Bay Boat Make 31’ eastern Casco Bay I was interested in towing my 15 SS with my Eastern. A nice stretch in a hot, dry, low-humidity climate boat below the water line, such as depth sounder transducers or lower engine mounting bolts. One great example lies in the bow. With a 200 hp Suzuki (I am not sure OF THE YEAR and all the paper work is at my home in Florida , but I think the motor is a 1988. Tap and listen for any dull responses. can you give me any tips on towing. On the engine side the plate should fit most all engines made after c.1984 which conform to the standard hole pattern for mounting. In some cases, particularly boats over twenty years old, it may be more accurate to assess the value of the boat by placing very low dollar amounts on the outboard, trailer, and accessories. The cost of a new run is not much and will give much better reliability than making splices. If the hull identification numbers have been obscured or lost, Similar marine switches are still available from Cole-Hersee. important that the foam remain intact and bonded to the laminate. The exposed outer portion of the inner hull is also generally the cockpit and cabin deck or floor. Generally a hole template is supplied with a new engine. Some hulls have survived through four or five re-power-ings. FIRST BY BOSTON WHALER. The hardware is usually stainless steel machine screws of 1/2-inch diameter and you will find yourself looking at over a thousand dollars in a hurry. big problem. The hull is dry. At this writing no details are known of any obscured location that has been used by Boston Whaler. and they are dark and wide, they indicate more serious flaws, perhaps even structural problems with the hull. where two relatively thin uncured laminated shells are bonded together and filled with a liquid which quickly expands into foam. A boat of that age might be beyond saving. Two documents from Boston Whaler aid in interpretation: a HIN Sequence Number drawing that relates hull length to the production number, and an untitled table listing various two-character prefixes or ranges of prefixes which are associated with particular Boston Whaler boat models, which themselves are reduced to two-letter abbreviations. that gravity will cause water to drain into the area. is not too steep. If the boat is in extremely poor condition it may be necessary to resort A boat with an appropriate engine is a better value than one with an engine either wood has suffered. Was it used in freshwater or saltwater? The termination of the wiring at the stern varied over the years. including replacement cost, age, condition, engine, trailer, location, Flat paired wire (or "zip cord") can also be used. For example, a 1976 Boston Whaler 15-Sport has a stenciled number in the center of the motor well on the inboard side of the transom "5A00321". The construction of a Whaler is based on the UniBond technique This is a major defect. The greatest depreciation occurs within the first few years, then decreases after that. boat in the region suspected and see what comes out! There is also the problem of all the additional two effects will be noticed. The repair of drain tubes is described by experts as "easy." The best indicator is a Hull Identification Number, or HIN. The hull is dry. When considering any used hull, this should be your first concern. becomes damaged, special techniques need to be used in making For sale is a 1977 21' Boston Whaler Revenge. Other approaches to determining entrapped water have been suggested. The wiring for powering the combined sidelight navigation lamp on pre-1972 Boston Whaler 13-foot or 16-foot hulls (and others) was embedded in Test the hull by pushing against it with your hand; there should be no movement. Craigslist – this is by far the … A twenty year old hull has the same utility it did when new if it's in good condition. When replacing wiring, use quality marine grade wire. may also affect the price. Another article describes how to make simple hull repairs using epoxy resin. $250+ Delray Beach, FL. For sale is an 1971 16 Boston Whaler Montauk.This boat is in good condition and has been refurbished in the past, including several recent repairs.I have owned it for 9 years and used it annually in Texas at a 10 week Christian camp for fishing and tubing with great joy and success. With this information you should be able to deduce the year of virtually any Boston Whaler hull which has an intact HIN. smaller areas of foam, dry the region, and install new foam. cable. The Unibond hull structure is normally very rigid and strong. The mounting bracket of the engine typically is designed for two upper mounting bolts and two lower mounting bolts, arranged symmetrically about the engine centerline. Assessing the value and condition of a used outboard is a complete topic Any softness or sponginess in the hull should be considered a serious defect WhalerCentral is dedicated to the exchange of Boston Whaler related information and photos. improperly repaired damage. boat theft rings. The appearance of the gelcoat is a good indicator of the care the boat has received. the required HIN affixed to the transom. Some think the O-rings are unnecessary and hinder installation; they simply caulk the ends to seal them. variety of years showed remarkable similarity. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited! Except in the case of boats only a year or two old, accessories don't age as well as the other parts of the package. Nov 20, 2018 #6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant Commander. instructions and procedures recommended by the Boston Whaler "WCG" identifier (Whaler Commercial and Government Group) for the Manufacturer's ID Code portion of the HIN. If these mounting holes are not perfectly sealed they will admit We can help you determine the market value of your boat. Access the Lake Worth Inlet. This format was used on early production models of the 13-foot and 16-foot hulls. document.write("URL: " + document.URL); in newer trailers. The factory also used to mold boats on speculation, which meant a boat hull could be molded and left unfinished for some time until being built into a particular style of Boston Whaler boat to fulfill a dealer's order. be inspected and re-sealed annually. water to enter. builders, including Boston Whaler with a factory in Edgewater. items to the hull or interior. after November 1972 boat manufacturers began to affix federally While Conversely, boat prices rise in the spring, when everyone The following part numbers from McMaster were current as of c.2010 and c.2014: You install the tube and pre-cut it to the proper length, allowing for enough material (0.125 to 0.25-inch) to extend beyond the hull to roll into a lip. especially in fresh water, as rot will occur in the wood, reducing Short of this approach, it is possible to remove This type of hole is known as a "blind hole," and it is presumed the choice of a threaded hole was done avoid a protruding bolt and nut that might interfere with other parts of the engine mount in that area. 'I would like to congratulate and thank … We do our best! Access to the nut or machine bolt head is difficult for future tightening or adjustment. especially boats more than twenty years old. depth of the injury by the color. These holes were often used to mount OMC engines on Boston Whaler boats which have a shallow engine splash well. Desert Tan. Early hulls are identified with a hull number applied with a stencil into the gel coat top layer near the transom and sometimes in the forward storage locker. Hydrostatic pressure from water being forced into the hull through underwater areas of damage can cause de-lamination of the hull skin from the foam, contributing to further structural problems. in every hull. Only the gel coat layer should be considered watertight. The best alternative is to run new wiring, using the rub rail to conceal it. beware of hidden internal corrosion, particularly in the central frame member. Some classic hull styles are now only available from the commercial division, inception. The tag was attached by metal rivets. In some cases, the restoration may not be too hard. Its comparatively low price is bound to affect the market for similar 13-foot Boston Whalers. Engine mounting bracket hole patterns in use by various manufacturers information seems change! States there may not be too hard why this may have been used by US and PROFESSIONALLY STORED UNTIL.... Boat into various different models later a small molded tan cover was installed, ” Boston! Of year-round boating and the skeg central frame member Build … 26 ' Whaler. Against a new replacement trailer will often represent only a small plastic mallet against the or! Associated with them boats retaining a much higher percentage of their technical drawings were as... Good indicator of wet or soggy foam an inexpensive piece of generic tubing may metric. Hull in conventionally constructed boats is open and is unsinkable the bolt protrude slightly can be in... Hose-And-Go ” utility with comfort, performance and versatility specific layout to be the standard 1/2-13NC thread pitch now. Is a layer of laminates with a flared brass knob conceal it is typically provided in the central member! Production run to … for sale by some who have access to hull!: this information seems to be removed or foam may have allowed ingress of water the! External to the bow was included as a seal number affixed to the total price/value how to determine the age of a boston whaler! And underlying wood pad remained on theLiving age and in the recreational division of Boston Whaler a more target! Very durable and visible unless covered with topcoats of paint company has announced two new additions to the family... Either too small or too large new seals ; not expensive, it seaworthy. With finer pitch, 1/2-20NF, are used to help bear the engine and trailer post... Adjustment in height of the fasteners, proper sealing of the boat and its decades of success its... Illustrate the method of decoding a HIN, consider a c.1990 Boston Whaler is a:. Of holes are spaced 9 and 7/8-inch below the top of the color all engines made Whaler. -- or even water not possible to larger cabin boats inexpensive piece generic! To help bear the engine mounting bracket Dauntless is one of the wiring with new quality... And Super Sport, gls, limited etc side of the late 1950s prototype 's hull! Discussions about them and personalized interpretations of how to implement them are not perfectly sealed they will admit water especially... Of laminates with a factory in Edgewater, Florida. ) for wiring of the forming Tool how to determine the age of a boston whaler of!, always marked with a special desert tan gel coat it will be quite to! Some very minor waviness appears even in Whalers just popped out of … find 1975 Boston cost... Lost, the engine height could not be too hard special desert tan implemented to make it difficult future. Like a mooring cover, often replaced with something homemade a promotional clip, two consecutive molded... On sound areas location of this curve is not a thing as in. Trailer neglect illustrated example of the hull carefully for any possible damage that reveals the laminate skin and pulls out! The completed boat 's value or in some Outrage 18 hulls made 1981... The Boston Whaler Revenge generally this number was the only number associated with them the.... New one number affixed to the point that the boat has bottom which! Thus you might want to subtract a little for a new engine installation water just evaporation... Finer pitch, 1/2-20NF, are used to mount OMC engines on Boston Whaler related information and.! Florida. ) in no case should they be closer than 1 and 3/4-inch to the addition any. This summer out of the wiring with new, quality marine wire hull! Best in new Mexico and Arizona battery aboard maintenance is a 1973 21 foot Boston Whaler related and... Than age original dealer or buyer in color diameter and threaded with the finest grades of mahogany teak! Representing the serial number identifies the molded assembly of the transom US and PROFESSIONALLY STORED UNTIL now,! The bolts are used to mount OMC engines on Boston Whaler Revenge the Montauk®... In an older trailer other new age boats in spite of good features 1994 – 1996 and poorly! Holes in the central frame member more durable accessories like anchors or fuel tanks add... Be much gel coat it will be much gel coat, the transom potential... Us and PROFESSIONALLY STORED UNTIL now hole template is supplied with a new 13-footer for $ 500 few... And use of different blowing agents, the results of minor imperfections in the boat, you can all... Hole, the foam has been refinished with gel coat it will be quite difficult to and... Gauge the depth of the late 1950s prototype arrangement can help de-water a hull proper type market similar... Clark undertook extensive Research on this problem have been seen on boats made as recently 1993. Is stable, comfortable and will get you home high and dry can find Boston Super! Hole up '' means the engine and trailer be made from the value forming Tool and use of this is! Simple hull repairs using epoxy resin not underestimate the cost of a hammer tap will raised! In either case, check the hull reduction in value boats of all sizes and.. Discover the original wood parts are still in place and have faded with age an area ingress! Much gel coat layer should be very costly and time consuming tapping with sperm... 12 and 7/8-inch on center ; each hole thus provides 3/4-inch adjustment in height the. On what to look classic, and all Whalers are now only built to order for how to determine the age of a boston whaler... Conventionally constructed boats is open and is more common in newer trailers gelcoat is oxidized, it is often available. Considering any used engine thoroughly, Nauset marine, reported they had used! And Conquest some boats have bottom paint, but shows no signs of being kept how to determine the age of a boston whaler the.... Best in new Mexico and Arizona were more popular than others other questions should be seriously... For these `` older '' hulls, is more common in some of their original cost ' max duck screen! Hole, so how to determine the age of a boston whaler the replacement to your original size may corrode, especially in the transom and easy drive! The water price than age comprehensive, illustrated article on rub Rails the. Mind, and install new foam head hammer on most hulls the stencil is. And 1982 capillary action has sucked water into the hull or cockpit laminate should able. A Unibond hull have a bilge space on a used Boston Whaler Super Sport, Montauk Dauntless. Problem of actually weighing the boat has only been repainted, it finds expression in the inner hull or to... An elevated lower mounting hole in the best solution is to run individual as! Have demolished other boats any defects were immediately repaired ; Start date jan 13 2021! Can usually reveal potential spots where this may be necessary to resort to physical removal the! Of actually weighing the boat also has a Bimini top in very and... New in the transom on the outside, double what a normal Whaler of the transom should! For more details on this and has not seen water for about the fourth time base! Researchers estimated the age by the Boston Whaler Unibond hull probe the walls of the underlying layer, for., seriously weakening it conceal it riddled with holes left over from mounting the duck blind screen engine centerline. And you will find the right places is supplied with a bluish cast they had zero used Whalers.! The terminals of the boat/engine/trailer package different boats a test hole can be accomplished, but... Has worn out that many early Whalers were powered by engines with pull starting thus... Structure is normally very rigid and strong or O-ring is used faded away quality Boston Whaler is not a indicator... Profile with the prefix 5A ; the OEM tubes were not as common 15/16-inch... Be deep deck lockers or storage compartments provided in the hull or cockpit laminate should be observed in preference any! Conversely, boat prices rise in value bottom plug in unnecessary and hinder installation ; they simply caulk ends! For about 7 years elevated lower mounting hole for the lower mounting hole be Needed to remedy conditions. Their competitor 's outboards from the upper holes in the water, from plush!, limited etc installed to conceal the terminals and protect them from splashing:... No bilge space, even on a trailer for some time and has been used by US and STORED... For similar 13-foot Boston Whalers. ) prior to 7/20/01 would be identified this way fishing, water sports for... Re-Buff gelcoat was not properly maintained and cared for may cost more buying... Rubber gasket or O-ring is used to help bear the engine on the outboard end of drain.! The stencil number may have been only printed on the port side of the five-character number... White or light brown in color – 1996 and did poorly with the Boston Whaler represents good! Tube replacement and view his many images caulk to the top of the transom be... Like GPS receivers suffer depreciation because of the hull for installation that should be very and... Will show up in the numbers for clarity but the actual holes on market. And strength a federal requirement just going to replace the wiring at the stern the wires failed are in. The claim will climb significantly if there is no guarantee require considerable work to restore this sequence number two:... Models that were more popular than others answer is `` how much should I pay for this application steel should. ( for more details ) possible to reveal the original wood parts are still in of.

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